Unio Financial Services Ltd and Unio Financial Services Ltd Trading as Unio Wealth Management (“Unio”) are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Central Bank of Ireland Regulated Activities

Unio is subject to the Central Bank of Ireland Code(s) of Conduct which includes the Consumer Protection Code, the Fitness and Probity Standards and Minimum Competency Code. Unio must comply with these codes which offer protection to consumer(s). These Code(s) can be found on the Central Banks website at www.centralbank.ie.

As an Investment Intermediary, Unio provides its services to its clients on a “fair analysis of the market” basis. This means that it provides services on the basis of a number of products available from various producers in the market which enables Unio to make a recommendation to meet its client's needs. These services include mediation services in relation to insurance products and PRSAs. Unio provides investment advice and receives/transmits orders in respect of transferable securities, collective investments, unit trusts and tracker bonds. In addition, Unio acts as a Deposit Agent/Broker and gives advice in respect of deposits.

Some of Unio's pension consultancy and administration services are also regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and are covered by the terms of its various protections. These services include the insurance mediation services that Unio Financial Services Ltd provides to pension scheme trustees in respect of insuring their schemes' death in service benefits and to sponsoring employers in relation to securing cover under their disability arrangements. Also included are the services involving the receipt and transmission of orders in investment instruments provided in the context of administering defined contribution pension schemes and consultation with scheme trustees in relation to selecting fund managers.

A summary of our regulated activities and investment instruments are as follows:

Regulated Activities

  • Insurance Mediation
  • Receiving and transmitting orders
  • Investment advice

Regulated Investment Instruments

  • Transferable securities
  • Units or shares in collective investment schemes and UCITS
  • Trackers Bonds or similar instruments
  • Insurance policies
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)

Un-Regulated Activities

The provision of Unio Financial Services Ltd un-regulated pension consultancy and administration services do not require licensing, authorisation or registration with the Central Bank of Ireland and as a result, are not covered by its requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme. These services are supervised by the Pensions Authority. Unio Financial Services Ltd, acting as a Registered Administrator complies with the Pensions Authority's rules in relation to how pensions are administered. These include core administration functions such as the preparation of annual reports and annual benefit statements for trustees, and the maintenance of sufficient and accurate member records. As a Registered Administrator, Unio Financial Services Ltd must also provide annual scheme information to the Pensions Authority.

Occupational pension schemes and larger corporate entities are specifically excluded from entitlement to claim from the Investor Compensation Fund.

A summary of un-regulated activities are as follows:

  • Pension Scheme Design
  • Actuarial Valuations
  • Contribution Processing
  • Benefit Consulting
  • Member Record Keeping
  • Processing joiners / leavers
  • Preparation of Annual Benefit Statements
  • Pension Fund Accounting
  • Drafting Legal/Trust Documentation

The same high standard of care to all of its clients.


Unio may be remunerated for its services by commission from a product producer, fees or a combination of both methods. For the most part Unio remuneration takes the form of commission paid by the product producers with which it has letters of appointment in place. Alternatively, Unio remuneration may take the form of fees, which are calculated on a time-cost basis, at rates determined by the nature and complexity of the relevant work and the seniority of the personnel to be assigned thereto. These fees will range from €400 per hour for Directors, €300 per hour for Executives/Consultants, €250 per hour for Managers, €150 per hour for Administrators and €120 per hour for support staff. Hourly rates are subject to review from time to time without prior notice unless otherwise requested. In determining the rate and any additional charges, factors such as specialist skills, complexity, value, risk and urgency will be taken into account in deciding the amount of any fee to be invoiced. Unio may on occasion take referrals from or act as agents for its professional connections (e.g. solicitors, accountants) and reserves the right to share commission and/or fees with such connections at its discretion.